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Great Planes - Pro Threadlocker

Manufacturer: Great Planes Product Code: GPMR6060

Pro Threadlocker

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Pro Threadlocker

Great Planes has designed this bottle of Pro Thread Locking Compound to be used on metal fastners. It is not recommended for plastic parts.

One bottle of Great Planes Pro Threadlocker

Weight: 0.11 ounces (3g)

Medium strength general purpose thread locker
Locks threaded fastners against vibration
Perfect for use in helicopters and all RC cars
Clean and dry parts for best results (removing grease, oil and dirt)
Parts can be returned to service immediately in MOST CASES
Thread locking compound comes in a Red bottle with a clear nozzle tip

This bottle of glue will appear big in context to the glue. The reason being is the glue requires a large amount of oxygen or the glue will dry out. All one would need to do once you have the glue is shake the bottle and turn upside down. If the tip turns Blue, the glue is present. To some the bottle may appear empty.