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Performix - Plastidip Can 429ml

Manufacturer: Performix Product Code: 7777

Plastidip can - 429ml

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PLASTI DIP(R) is an air dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping.
PLASTI DIP(R) resists moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering, electrical shock, skidding/slipping, corrosion; coats and gives a comfortable, controlled, colour coded grip to all types of tools; lawn and garden, mechanical, electrical, woodworking and masonry. PLASTI DIP(R) can also be applied to:
- Wood: seals and protects from weathering and prevents splinters.
- Metal: reduces vibration, deadens sound, prevents corrosion, insulates electrically and from extreme temperatures.
- Glass: shatter proofs glass objects (available in clear).
- Rope/Fabrics: weatherproofs, prevents rotting and fraying.
- Plastics: protects delicate surfaces from scratches.
- Rubber: weatherproofs, wear resistant.
- Maps: weatherproofs, tear resistant (available in clear).

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