ESM - KI-84 Frank 71" ARF Kit image

ESM - KI-84 Frank 71" ARF Kit

Manufacturer: ESM Warbirds Product Code: ESM-W031

W031 KI-84 Frank 71" ARF Kit


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Ki-84 Hayate or "Frank"

About the Ki-84 "Frank"

The Nakajima Ki-84, known as the Type 4 fighter by the Japanese army, was nicknamed the 'Frank' by the US pilots who fought against them. The aircraft was designed as a replacement for the Ki-43 'Oscar', which was just entering service when the Ki-84 design process started in 1942. The design imperative was to improve the already capable Oscar by increasing its armament, improving its climbing performance and making it more durable. The Nakajima design team achieved these objectives and produced a very capable fighter.

However, the engine design had a very complicated direct injection system which was difficult to maintain, especially late in the war, with US air efforts making resupply of remote Japanese outposts difficult. While it was probably the best Japanese fighter, it could debateably outclass a mustang, these maintenance issues made them difficult to keep in the air. Close to 3000 were made and saw combat in China as early as March 1944. Most were utilized in the Phillipines and in the defense of Okinawa and Japan.

About this Model

This model is based on an aircraft which was operational with the 47th Flight Regiment, 3rd Squadron, Narimasu Airfield in February 1945. Unlike with German, US or British pilots, it is difficult to find information on Japanese pilots. Anyone with information on the specific pilot of this aircraft can pass it on to us by using the contact form on the website. This information would be greatly appreciated.

-Fiberglass fuselage
-Fiberglass Cowling
-Fully built up wings and tail covered with Solartex Fabric and airbrushed with a matching finish
-Scale details molded into fiberglass parts, including panel lines and rivets.
-Pre-applied decals, covered with clear coat.
-Functional flaps.
-100% Laser cut wooden parts
- Also includes: wheels, servo trays, engine mount, fuel tank, decals and all hardware.
-Illustrated instruction manual included.

Wing Covering Material: Covering, painted, decals applied and clear coated. The aircraft has a beautiful flat, non-glossy finish. This is superior to glossy covering materials. It is scratch, tear and wrinkle resistant. The covering material is a brand name covering which has a special paint adherant layer. The covering goes on clear, and is then primed and painted, then clearcoated.


Length: 1484mm(58.4")
Wing span: 1829mm(72.")
Wing area:
Wing loading: 107.2g/ (35.1oz/sq.ft)
Flying weight: 6.1kg(13.4 lbs)

Engine : 120-180 4 stroke or 26-30cc petrol
Radio : 6+ channel
Servos : 4 x high torque, 4 x STD servos
retracts and control gear
extension leads
Y harness
Receiver Pack
Switch harness
Ignition battery (petrol only)
Ignition cutoff (optional)
Field equipment

Experience Level : Intermediate/Advanced
Recommended Environment : Bigger airfields
Assembly Time : 20+ hours
Included with kit : All hardware (horns/pushrods/linkages etc). Rivet detail and panel lines make for a great scale subject.

NOTE:- All ESM warbirds are as close to scale as practical, and may require extra nose weight to get the CofG in the right place. We recommend you check CofG location of all aircraft before flying.