Kyosho - Minium Cessna 210 RTF image

Kyosho - Minium Cessna 210 RTF

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: 7507

10651RS Minium Cessna 210 RTF readyset complete with 2.4G radio set


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Minium R-C Plane Cessna Centurion Details:

The revolutionary Kyosho Minium weights only 18g and features a 2.4GHz R/C system!

The ability to amble along at about 10km/h is backed up by the CESSNA 210 powerful flight potential. At the incredible weight of just 18g and wingspan of 380mm, you ve never seen or flown a scale plane quite likethis before.

Innovation born of Kyosho s long years of aircraft design and development has made the seemingly impossible possible and created a completely new style of flying. Inside the fully assembled fuselage is the integrated one-piece unit comprising the speed amp +receiver + linear throttle servo (x 2), with all linkages set up and ready for action.

The3-channel system governs the elevator, rudder and motor for completely free flight control. Strong thrust is delivered through the lithium polymer battery, 6mm diameter coreless motor, gear reduction unit and90mm propeller. Increase speed and you can even fly stunts like loops,and in light breeze you can take the flight action outdoors. Also,limit the turning radius and you can fly inside a room of about 4 x 4m.

High-frequency2.4GHz synthesizer R/C system uses international standard ISM band.Automatically scans open bands to deliver stable control.

Kyosho Cessna Details:

  • Fully factory finished, complete with coloring and special R/C system linkages. Tail wing is also pre-attached so just charge the battery and take-off.
  • Newly developed 2.4GHz transmitter automatically scans a 79 wave spectrum to provide extra safe control. Up to 26 airplanes can be flown at the same time.
  • Functions automatically once the receiver and transmitter ID have registered. (Already registered when shipped).
  • Transmitter features digital trim that moves in 10 stages according to change in tone scale.
  • Features newly developed lightweight one-piece speed control amp with receiver unit, and two linear stroke servos.
  • Airplane stand features built-in battery charger so it can be used for either display or flight preparation.
  • Insert the included Li-Po battery into the battery charger and the LED lights to indicate charging has started. Auto-cut feature stops when charging is complete. Battery charges in about 20 minutes and LED goes out to indicate charging is complete. **Charging time may vary depending on certain conditions.
  • Super lightweight design with styrene tires realizes ultra slow flight control.
  • Slow flight capability allows flight times of about 15 minutes with a fully charged battery.

Kyosho Cessna Specifications:

  • Length 325mm
  • Width 380mm
  • Gear Ratio 5.28???1
  • Weight 18g (approx.)
  • Motor M6 Coreless Motor
  • Wing Area 2.2dm2
  • Wing Load 6.7g/dm2
  • Wing Type Original Cambered Type
  • R/C System Special 2.4GHz 3-channel, one piece system
  • Propeller D100mm??P60mm