Sullivan - Wheel Pant Attach Bracket 3/16 image

Sullivan - Wheel Pant Attach Bracket 3/16

Manufacturer: Sullivan Products Product Code: S889

S889 Wheel pant attach bracket 3/16


2 - 5 Business Days

This is a Wheel Pant Bracket by Sullivan for use on 3/16" Landing Gear Wire.
FEATURES: Brass construction.
Adjustable for a wide variety of wheel pants.
Brackets can be used as wheel collars.
INCLUDES: Two mounting brackets.
Two 2.6mm (.102") hex head screws.
Two 2.6mm split washers.
Two 2.6mm Silver hex nuts.
REQUIRES: 2-56 mounting screws or gluing pants to brackets.
SPECS: Length of bracket: 60.9mm (2.40")
Height of bracket: 25.3mm (.996")
Width of bracket: 5.2mm (.204")
COMMENTS: Mounting bracket can be glued or bolted to wheel pant. Holes in
mount are drilled for 2-56 mounting bolts but can be tapped for 4-40.