RCNZ - 40mm Jet Drive Thruster Set

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: RC40JET

40mm Jet Drive Thruster Set


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  • Propeller caliber: 40mm
  • The drive shaft has a diameter of 5mm stainless steel shaft and two high speed ball bearings are installed.
  • The bushing is thick stainless steel. Outer diameter 11mm
  • The injector body is 3.5 mm thick plastic. The base is 3mm.
  • The tail of the injector has an automatic water inlet to cool the motor.
  • The ejector Set has a metal water-cooled motor mount.
  • The aluminum alloy elastic connector reduces motor vibration and has a universal function, which effectively solves different cores of the drive shaft and the motor shaft.
  • The jet propeller is a three-leaf. It is fixed by using the pulp fork and self-locking nut, and it will not slip at high speed, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of the propeller.
  • The diameter of the installed motor is less than 44mm
  • Minimum distance between motor holes 19mm maximum 25mm
  • Large thruster dimensions: 210mm (length) x 60mm (width) x 60mm (height)
  • Installation of hull size from 800mm to 1200mm
  • M4 motor coupling

Packing Include:

1 Set x thruster