RCNZ - 1/10 Electronic Simulation Smoking Exhaust Pipe image

RCNZ - 1/10 Electronic Simulation Smoking Exhaust Pipe

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: RCEXHPIPE

1/10 Electronic Simulation Smoking Exhaust Pipe


1 - 3 Business Days

Input power; 7.4V; max 1.3A

Control signal input: front and back remote signal input (including 5V Power supply)
Battery low voltage protection; if the battery voltage is below 6.0V, the smoky exhaust pipe will send out a short and long flame signal, and stop the smoke
Oil shortage overheating protection: when the oil is insufficient, the smoke will be thin; when the smoky exhaust pipe is overheating, the circuit will stop working and the smoky exhaust pipe will stop fuming. At the same time, the smoky exhaust pipe will set up out slow-flashing signal until the temperature drops.
Flame simulation: The flame flashing frequency is higher as the throttle increase; when the generator is at idle, the flame flickering frequency is slow.
Smoke simulation:  The amount of smoke increase as the throttle increase; when in idle mode, only a little smoke is generated.
Service time: One fill up can last 20 - 30 Minutes
Use the pointed mouth of oil bottle to align with the oil filler hole, and fill up about 1ml oil. Be caution that, do not let the oil leak from the gas orifice when filling up oil, because too much oil will slow down the fuming speed. Use the rubber plug to stuff up the oil filler hole after filling up oil.
Find a proper location and secure the Smoky Exhaust Pipe to the body of the vehicle
Insert the balance plug of the 7.4V battery.
Insert the remote control signal line and at this time. Once it is connected, the red light in smoky exhaust pipe would blink twice.  
Operate the remote control and push the throttle, the smoke should come out.
If the smoke becomes thin, you should fill up oil as soon as possible or stop using the smoky exhaust pipe to prevent the smoky exhaust pipe from being damaged by overheating.
Disconnect the battery after using it to prevent drawing battery.
This product cannot be used in the flammable and explosive environment!
Disconnect the battery to prevent low battery after finishing using this product. If this product has flame output, gas output but no smoke output, please contact the distributor for repair.
Avoid aim the smoky exhaust at the eyes.
This product uses only the equipped special oil, and using gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, ethyl alcohol and other ignitable oils is strictly prohibited.