Kyosho - 1/10 Ultima RB7SS EP 2WD Kit

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KYO 34304B

34304B 1/10 Ultima RB7SS EP 2WD Kit


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The stock motor class has ignited excitement in 1/10 electric buggy racing around the world. As the most dominant machine in this class, the Ultima RB7 has been specially tuned for 17.5T motors. The change to aluminum shafts delivers efficient transfer of motor power to the road surface while eliminating the slipper clutch. In addition, the overall weight of the machine has been reduced, including a lightweight body. With roll characteristics revised for stock motor drive lines, this SS (Stock Special) machine is designed to take the action of stock motor class racing up to the next level.

Spur gear is fixed directly to the main shaft with an adapter instead of a slipper clutch. Ball differential shaft, universal shaft and F wheel shaft are aluminum to reduce weight while minimizing friction and drive loss.

Geometry optimized for stock motor class performance. A bush is used to move the inner suspension shaft to the chassis center and shorten the arm. Width is compatible with thicker wheel hubs.

Short rear arm allows increased ground angle while shorter diff shaft coupling prevents interference with the universal shaft. Steel option is also available.

Equipped with 0.6mm body that is 8g lighter in weight and ideal for stock motor power.

RB7’s exceptional front end geometry delivers superior cornering performance with stock motors.

Same suspension as the RB7 including springs, shocks and pistons allows transfer of your setting knowledge.

Compatible with all option parts for the RB7, including high durability and low friction velvet coat 48-pit aluminum pinion gear.

High performance X-GEAR items such as springs, ball diff grease and high graphite grease are standard inclusions in the kit.

■Length 395mm
■Width 249mm
■Height 148mm
■Wheelbase 277mm
■Tread(F/R) F:221mm/R:201mm
■Tires(F/R) Sold separately
■Gear Ratio 1st Deceleration:Spur 76T/Pinion Gear sold separately 2nd Deceleration:2.6:1