Kyosho - 1/10 Fazer 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS RTR image

Kyosho - 1/10 Fazer 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS RTR

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: 10138

34053 1/10 Fazer 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS RTR complete with battery & charger


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Oneof the iconic muscle cars in American history is now part of the popular FazerVEi line of brushless-powered, hobby-grade RC cars from Kyosho ? the 1970 ChevyChevelle SS! The Chevelle has always been part of the muscle car elite, but the1970 SS model with the LS6, pumping out 450 horsepower right out of theshowroom, was the most popular Chevelle of all. Available in two of the mostpopular colors for the Chevelle, Cranberry Red and Phantom Blue, this machinehas many of the features of the full size car, and better in some cases! Itcomes completely factory assembled, and it?s ready to roll as soon as four AAalkaline batteries are installed in the transmitter. This car features scalespeed an acceleration that exceeds that of the real car, but one thing that isvery similar to that of the real car, are the stunning lines of the body. Thesuper scale body that?s included with the Chevelle is factory-painted, andclear body kits ready to be painted any color, will also be available.

TheFazer VEi is built for enthusiasts with beginner to intermediate skill levels. Itfeatures a hobby-grade chassis that is durable, customizable, and can bemodified for any level of performance. More modern 4-wheel independentsuspension soaks up the bumps with the assistance of oil-dampened coil-over shocks.Industry-standard 12mm hubs are use to fit the wheels, which makes the Fazercompatible with hundreds of types of wheels and tires made for cars of thisscale. Ball bearings support the entire drive system, ensuring that theChevelle runs as smooth and efficiently as possible. The Fazer also features a 4WDdrivetrain to bridge the reality gap between the full size car and the RC version.The power-to-weight ratio of the RC version is considerably stronger than thatof the real car, and as a result, a 2WD version of the car would be verydifficult to control. The 4WD system handles almost everything you can throw atit, and then some. It?s even ready for optional motors and ESCs that aremuch more powerful, and that will produce freakishly high speeds.

The Fazer VEiincludes the Team Orion dDrive. This is an integrated power system thatenhances the output of the 4-pole brushless motor by installing the ElectronicSpeed Controller inside the motor. By eliminated the wires that normallyconnect a standard motor to an external speed controller, it reducesresistance, which in turn increases power and efficiency. The entire package ispowered by the included Team Orion 1800 mAh Ni-Mh battery (with a basic AC wallcharger), but the dDrive system can handle aftermarket big capacity Li-Pobatteries for longer, and noticeably more powerful performance if you thinkyou?re ready.

Wheelbase extended 14mm longer than standard EP FAZER. Works in combination with the dDrive system to deliver power and stability. Features light buckets that allow LED head lights and tail lights (both sold separately) to be easily bolted on for a truly scale look and feel.



  • Chassisis fully factory assembled with a painted, trimmed and mounted body.
  • SyncroKT-231P 2.4 GHz radio system is included with a high-performance waterproofsteering servo.
  • Sealeddifferentials and transmission delivers reliability and performance.
  • Highperformance 4-pole Team Orion Vortex dDrive system (Equivalent to 3000KVconventional motor)
  • Compatiblewith 2S LiPo batteries and pre-wired with a Super Connector.
  • Water-proof power system.
  • Aluminummotor/ESC case provides efficient cooling
  • Fullyproportional steering and throttle control. No ?steps? in the controls or?choppy? movement.
  • Overheatprotection and battery low voltage cut-offsystems.
  • 1970Chevy Chevelle body officially licensed by General Motors.
  • New "true-to-scale" body with detailed molded parts like front and rear grills, side mirrors, fuelcap, etc.
  • Designedto use an optional LED light set for the most realistic action at cruise night!
  • IncludesTeam Orion 1800NiMh Battery pack and Kyosho wall charger
  • Featuresa longer wheelbase for more stability and improved scale appearance.
  • Onboardreceiver is protected from dust and debris.


  • Length:19.3 in. (489mm)
  • Width:8.2 (207mm)
  • Height:5.4 in. (138mm)
  • Wheelbase:10.8 in. (274mm)
  • Tread(F/R): 6.9 in. (174mm)
  • TireWidth : 1 in. (26mm)
  • TireDiameter : 2.7 in. (68.5mm)
  • WeightApprox 3.75 lbs. (1700g)
  • Gear Ratio: 6.34:1


  • Factoryassembled chassis
  • Painted,trimmed and mounted body
  • SyncroKT-231P 2.4 GHz radio transmitter
  • TeamOrion 1800 mAh Ni-MH battery pack
  • ACwall charger with international plug adapters (Do NOT use for Li-Po batteries)