Kyosho - 1/27 MINI-Z Racer MR-02EX Series

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KYO 30760

30760 1/27 MINI-Z Racer MR-02EX Series 


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The New Mini Z MR-02 EX is equipped with 2.4GHz ASF remote control technology (KT-18), offering you maximum racing action at an affordable price. 

With the motor mounted in front of the rear axle, this "mid-ship mount" chassis excels in producing lower and wider body styles in amazing scale detail. 


Mini Z + 2.4GHz KT-18 = The most affordable racing experienced Kyosho has ever offered! 

Friction Shock - Friction shocks included as standard. Reduces unnecessary movement in roll action for excellent road holding characteristics. 

Full Control - King-pin coil front suspension realizes optimal geometry for easy control. 

Lower CG - Lower center of gravity and lower chassis height with concentrated mass in the center all result from the parallel layout of the battery mounts. The chassis bottom layout also produces greatly improved racing performance. 

T-Bar - The swing-type T-bar rear suspension generates excellent road holding characteristics. 

Gear Guard - Equipped with gear guard to protect gears and shocks from the surface. Allows free setting of the gear ratio for faster acceleration on high speed courses. 

One Touch - The snap-lock system used in the front suspension unit makes attaching/removing the one-touch tie-rods, king pins and coil springs, fast and simple. 

1 Hour Run Time (approx) 

Note this chassis set requires a body and wheels. 

ARR Set Contents: 

*Ready Set (Ready to Run) 2.4Ghz Chassis 
*KT-18 black transmitter 2.4Ghz 
*6T, 7T, 8T, and 9T pinions 
*Front Suspension Spacer For Adjustments 
*Pinion Removing Tool 
*Spare Nut 
*Wheel Wrench 
*Pairing Stick 

Required For Operation: 

*8 AAA batteries for transmitter and chassis 
*Body Set and wheels 

Technical Data: 

Scale: 1/27 
Length: 126mm (4.9in) 
Width: 70-76mm (2.7-2.9in) 
Wheelbase: 98mm (3.8in) 
Gear Ration: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1 
Weight: 178g 
Motor: 130 Class