RCNZ - Black/White Checkered Covering 5M Roll image

RCNZ - Black/White Checkered Covering 5M Roll

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: 1085491

Black/White Checkered Covering 5M Roll


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Item Name: Heat shrinkable skin
Length: 5m
Width: 64cm
Thickness: 0.05mm
Color: Black/White Checkered 


·Super strong with a tensile strength of around 25,000 psi (pounds per square inch)
·Lightweight about 100g/m²
·Dry adhesive is activated when heat Is applied
·Shrinks to a drum-tight finish as It cools
·Molds crease-free around compound curves and into corners
·High gloss finish, waterproof, fuel-proof (Glow Fuel, Gasoline, Smoke)
·The glue effect is very strong.

How to Use:

Tear the skin bottom membrane, put the film on top of RC frame, heating at the frame with a hot iron or hot hair dryer, cement works and film adhesion to the frame, and then heating the film with hot iron, the film shrink after being heated, finally a tight and smooth skin is formed.

Please be sure to test a sample first as your iron may heat differently.