West Wings - Jade Balsa Wood Kit image

West Wings - Jade Balsa Wood Kit

Manufacturer: West Wings Product Code: WW12

WW12 Jade Balsa Wood Kit
Span: 625mm
Non scale
Power: Rubber


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WW12 Jade Balsa Wood Kit

Just occasionally, a design comes along that looks just right. It's hard to define, but maybe it's the twin fins or raised cabin area. Either way, the Jade has great looks, with a hint of nostalgia, and when built, is bound to take a prominent position amongst your favourite models.

Like most of our sports, rubber powered models the Jade is built up by the conventional 'stick and tissue' construction method over the plan but with the added simplicity of sheet balsa fuselage sides to help speed up construction. A slightly heavier method, but well suited to those with limited/developing skills or limited construction time.

Sharing the same wing as the Topaz, the Jade provides good performance and makes an ideal stepping stone between sheet-constructed models like the Olympian and the more sophisticated Topaz and Sapphire.