Cox - .049 Surestart Diecast Engine image

Cox - .049 Surestart Diecast Engine

Manufacturer: Cox Models Product Code: 49ENGDC

.049 Surestart diecast engine
Basic Cox model


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.049 Surestart diecast engine, basic Cox model.

The Cox .049 Surestart (0.8 cm3) engine is the same engine used on our classic control line airplanes. It is a non-throttle equipped engine designed to use an external tank. Easily screws on to your firewall.

RPM: 15500-16000
Weight: 54 g
Fuel: 1/2 A glow fuel (20-30% nitro)
Prop: 5x3, 5x4, 5.5x4 & 6x3

Note: The engine comes on its own with no accessories