ASP - FS91AR R/C Engine - Four Stroke

Manufacturer: ASP Engines Product Code: FS91AR

FS91AR R/C engine for aircraft use
4 stroke


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FS91AR R/C engine for aircraft use

General Specs:
- 1 cylinder
- Displacement: 0.910 cubic inches
- Bore: 1.091 (in.)
- Stroke In: 0.976 (in.)
- Low RPM: 2000
- High RPM: 11000
- 1.600 bhp @ 10500 RPM
- Weight (no muffler): 22.40 oz.

Glow Plug
Propeller: 12x7-8, 13x5-8, 14x5, 14x6, 15x4

Really super for Scale planes, Warbirds and throaty 4 stroke sound........

The ASP 4stroke engines are workhorses that are reliable and cost efficient over the competition. These engines will happily tick away idling at 1800rpm. These engines benefit from use of 5-20% Nitro fuel.