DLE - 2 Stroke Petrol Engine 222cc

Manufacturer: DLE Engines Product Code: DLE222

2 Stroke Petrol Engine 222cc

Special Order - PLEASE ENQUIRE

FEATURES: Dual carburetors for maximimum performance
Double V-type reed valve bottom induction
Six bolt prop hub
Fully automatic electronic ignition

INCLUDES: Engine, four spark plugs, standoffs, ignition, instruction manual
two mufflers, prop hub and throttle arm extensions

REQUIRES: 91 octane gasoline, 2-cycle oil, mix ratio for this engine is 30 parts gas to one part oil.
Ignition Battery: Two 4.8 - 6V batteries
(separate receiver style pack can be used)
Propeller: 32x10, 32x12, 34x10
Field Equipment

SPECS: Engine;
Output Power: 21.5 HP at 7,500 RPM
RPM Range: 1,000 - 7,500
Displacement: 13.6 cu in (222.5cc)
Bore: 1.77" (45mm)
Stroke: 1.38" (35mm)
Compression Ratio: 7.6:1
Engine Weight: 174.6oz (4950g)

Gasoline/Oil Mixture: 30:1
Gasoline Octane Rating: 91
Spark Plugs: CM6