Sullivan - Fuel Tank Bullet 3-1/2oz image

Sullivan - Fuel Tank Bullet 3-1/2oz

Manufacturer: Sullivan Products Product Code: S377

S377 Fuel Tank Bullet 3-1/2oz

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Sullivan is the world’s leader in the number of the shapes, sizes and styles of its fuel tanks. From the smallest 1 ounce (30 ml) tank to the extra large 32 ounce (960 ml) tank, there is a Sullivan tank to fit almost any model. All tank kits include the hardware needed for glow fuel operation, including twist-tie clamps and both brass and nylon tubing. Sullivan molds fuel tanks from two materials:

Standard Tanks are molded from a rigid high density polyethylene blend. With the S484 or S489 Gasoline Conversion Kit, they may be used with gasoline or diesel fuel.

S377 3.5 ounces 104 ml. Height 1-5/8″ 41 mm, Width 1-5/8″” 41 mm, Length 5-3/8″ 137 mm