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Dubro - V-Tail Mixer

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-215

215 V-Tail Mixer

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This is a V-Tail Mixer
For V-Tails, Flying Wings & to control Ruddervators & Flaperons
FEATURES: Brass, Steel, & Nylon construction
Utilizes ball links throughout for an absolute "no-play" linkage
Light, compact, & fully adjustable
Self-threading nylon sockets
INCLUDES: One nylon mixer (this mounts onto the round servo horn)
One 1/16" threaded ball link
One .092"x1.4" steel rod for mixer
Two .086"x.2 self tapping bind screw
Three threaded couplers
Three bolt-on ball links
Three nickle plated brass dura-collars