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Fox - Miracle Glow Plug

Manufacturer: Fox Manufacturing Product Code: 4702

Miracle glow plug
1.5 Volts

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FEATURES: Gold plated core is resistant to heat related failures
The rhodium and platinum element holds heat longer for a better idle.
Fox exclusive insulation won't turn brittle in temparatures of up to 1800 degrees F.
Idle bar is machined instead of welded on eliminating idle bar/weld failures.
Medium heat range for use with most brand engines and fuels.
Is a direct fit for any standard 1/4 x 32 tapped cylinder head.
SPECS: Heat range: Medium Length: .8" including the idle bar Diameter: .35"
Threads: 1/4-32
Also works well on TWO stroke engines that will accept long, idle bar type glow plugs