Dubro - 5/16-24 Alum Spinner Nut image

Dubro - 5/16-24 Alum Spinner Nut

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 3800

743 5/16-24 Aluminum spinner nut


2 - 5 Business Days

This is Du-Bro's 5/16"-24 Anodized Aluminum Spinner Prop Nut.
FEATURES: anodized aluminum spinner. Meets AMA safety specs. CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. Works with standard electric starting cones. This will fit the following engine models: ASP- .61 all models, .75 ABC, .91 ABC, .65 4S, .80 4S FOX- .60-.74 Eagle HP- 1.20 Magnum- GP.65SE, Pro.61SE Merco- .50, .61 O.S.- .60FP ABC, .61SF all versions, .61RF ABC & RF-P, .61 RX-H & SX-H, .61VR-M ABC, .65VR-M ABC, .65VR-DF ABC, .91VR-DF, .81VR-M, .91SR, FF-240, FS-70 Surpass, FS-91 Surpass, FS-120 Surpass, FS-120 Surpass II, FS-120 Surpass SP, FS-61, FS-90, FS-120, FT-120 II, FT-160 Quadra- Q-35 2.0 Supertigre- S-90K, S-61K, X-61K ABC RE Thunder Tiger- GP-61, Pro-61, Pro-120, F-91s
INCLUDES: (1) Anodized Aluminum Prop Nut
SPECS: Approx. Weight: 1oz Shaft Size: 5/16"-24
COMMENTS: Tighten nut with a screwdriver, ball driver or steel rod.