Propel - Star Wars 74-Z SPEEDER BIKE Battling Quadcopter image

Propel - Star Wars 74-Z SPEEDER BIKE Battling Quadcopter

Manufacturer: Propel Product Code: SW-1983-CX

Propel - Star Wars 74-Z SPEEDER BIKE Battling Quadcopter Collectors Edition


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Speeder bikes, also known as jumpspeeders, were open-air repulsor lift vehicles that maximised speed and maneuverability over stability.
The model that saw service during the Clone Wars was the 74-Z speeder bike. These bikes were usually piloted by scout troopers and were able to jam comlinks. They were considered by some to be "death traps", but the speeder bikes were equipped with a head up display (HUD) showing information about the terrain ahead from sensors.


- Reach flying speeds up to 35 mph (56 kph)
- Choose from three speed settings ranging from beginner to advanced pilot skills
- Battle up to 12 Star Wars quadcopters at the same time
- Maneuver into sidewinder barrel rolls at the push of a button
- Pilot with ease using altitude stabilization mode
- Each Special Edition quadcopter is numbered and hand-painted to hobby quality
- Authentically detailed down to the visible wear and tear from plenty of hard-won battles
- Includes "T Mode" for beginner pilot training; free app for iPhone and iPad also helps you learn to fly and engage in combat
- Reverse propulsion design
- Auto take off and auto landing features
- LED directional lights and working battle cannons
- Rebel White hobby-grade controller lights up, vibrates, and plays music to enhance your battle experience
- Special numbered collector display box lights as if by magic and plays memorable soundtracks
- Palm-sized quadcopter flies indoors and out-without requiring FAA registration
- Each Star Wars Starfighter Quadcopter incorporates more than 12 patented technologies


Input Type: USB
Other Features: Batteries Required, Bluetooth, Charging
Internet Access: Internet Access Required
Cable Length: 6 in./15.24 cm
Connections: USB-A
Bluetooth Compatiblity: Bluetooth 2.0 Compatibility
Power Source: Battery power
Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life: Approximately 6 to 8 minutes of flight time
Charge Time: Approximately 15 minutes
Height: 13.6 in./34.54 cm
Length: 8.4 in./21.34 cm
Depth: 7.76 in./19.71 cm
Weight: 5.88 lb./2.67 kg
Compatibility: Companion App: iOS or Android