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Sullivan - Genesys In-Flight Power System

Manufacturer: Sullivan Products Product Code: S660

S660 Genesys in-flight power system


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This is the Genesys In-Flight Power System from Sullivan. This revolutionarypower system is basically like the alternator in your car. The Genesys willrecharge your receiver battery pack in flight while it runs your servos andwhatever other accesories you may have. Once the engine is running past a fastidle the Genesys takes over and recharges your battery pack while providingelectrical power to the servos and the like. The CCU (Central Control Unit) hasfive accessory output jacks to plug in such options as navigation lights,strobe lights, rotating beacon, etc... which Sullivan carries specifically forthe Genesys.

FEATURE: Gives the option of running the full system of accessories and battery recharging, running the accessories only or simply recharging a separate battery pack. Can charge either 4.8V or 6.0V battery packs. ONLY reduces engine power output 200 to 400 RPM. For use on .30 to 1.50 size two-strokes or four-strokes Magnetic ring only takes up 1/16" on prop shaft If your engine stops or at less than fast idle your Rx pack takes over and continues running your servos and the like. The center hole in the ring fits 3/8" shafts

INCLUDES: One Set of Instructions One Set of spacer washers to fit different size crankshafts (10-32, 1/4", 5/16", 6mm, 7mm, 8mm) One Central Control Unit (CCU) One Specially designed magnetic ring and some hardware.

SPECS: CCU length: 75mm Width: 65mm Height: 20mm Magnet diameter: 2-1/2" Without Accessories the entire system weighs: 5.5oz

REQUIRES: Mounting onto airplane.

COMMENTS: The Genesys works with any radio system. Their package explains how to hook up the wires for different plug setups.