Futaba - R2001SB 2.4GHz 1-Port S-FHSS S.Bus Receiver image

Futaba - R2001SB 2.4GHz 1-Port S-FHSS S.Bus Receiver

Manufacturer: Futaba Product Code: 2001SB

R2001SB 2.4GHz 1-Port S-FHSS S.Bus Receiver

Available - Ships in 2-5 Business Days

This is a Futaba 2.4GHz R2001SB SFHSS S.BUS HV Receiver. The smallest, lightest full-range Futaba receiver ever, weighing in at 4.2 grams, but is also an S.Bus powerhouse guaranteed to take your FPV flights to the max. Link it with one of four Futaba S-FHSS radios with multicopter function for unparalleled reliability, programming and innovation. This receiver can additionally be used in micro helicopters with 380mm main blades or smaller providing ease to mount the receiver thanks to it's small size.


  • Includes an output on channel 3 for conventional systems
  • S.BUS can be used with up to 8 channel transmitter
  • Compatible with conventional system servos in addition to S.BUS type servos and gyros
  • Dual antenna diversity
  • Battery Fail Safe (4.8V NiMh Battery ONLY)
  • LED status indicator

Size: 0.83 x 1.65 x 0.21" (21.1 x 41.8 x 5.3mm)
Weight: 0.15oz (4.2g)
Power Requirement: 4.8V - 7.4V

Tech Notes: S-FHSS system that this receiver uses is NOT compatible with FASST, FASStest, or T-FHSS radio systems.