RCNZ - 5V UBEC 3a 2-6S Li-Po Voltage Stabiliser image

RCNZ - 5V UBEC 3a 2-6S Li-Po Voltage Stabiliser

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: UBEC5V3A

5V UBEC 3a 2-6S Li-Po Voltage Stabiliser

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UBEC is a kind of the external type of the separation of the brushless electric adjustable switching power supply voltage stabilizer,it can obtain the operation DC voltage for receiver and other equipment from a higher input voltage(5.5V-23V),and continue to steadily provide up to 3A output current,can easily supply power to receiver,gyro,more than 4 servos,therefore very suitable for the RC helicopter and large RC airplane which use high voltage and multiple servos.

Item Name: UBEC
Output: 5V/3A or 6V/3A (selected via jumper)
Input: 5.5-26V (2-6s lipo battery or 5-15s NiCd/NiMH battery)
Dimension: 43mm*17mm*7mm
Weight: 11g
Ripple Wave: less than 50mVp-p (@2A/12V)

- Adopt the design of switch power supply,the main control chip is 300 KHZ, has over current and over temperature protection function, the chip efficiency is as high as 92%.
- Small volume and light weight.
- Electronic devices are protected by the shield, the output line is equipped with a magnetic ring, which greatly reduces electromagnetic interference, to ensure the normal working of receiver.
- Reverse polarity protection and LED operation indicator.
- Compared with the linear regulator BEC,when using above 3s (11.1 V) battery, BEC fever can be greatly reduced, and improve overall efficiency.

Package Included:
1x 5V 3A UBEC