O.S - Brushless ESC OCP-2 Programmer image

O.S - Brushless ESC OCP-2 Programmer

Manufacturer: O.S Engines Product Code: OCP-2

OCP-2 Brushless ESC OCP-2 Programmer

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Allows settings of the OCA ESCs to be programmed easily to meet amodel's specific requirements

Programs the following parameters;

- Battery Type (Lipo and NiMh)

- Voltage Cut-Off ( Low 3.1V Normal 3.2V )

- Voltage Cut-Off Type (Soft/Hard)

- Motor Rotation (Normal and Reverse)

- Advance Timing (Fixed 8, Fixed 16, Auto, Soft (0-7), Medium (8-15), Hard (16-25)

- Acceleration (Low, Normal, High)

- Start Power (Hard and Soft)

- Brake Type and On/Off ( 20%, 50%, 80%

- Governor Function (Heli Use) On/Off


O.S. OCP-2 ESC Programmer


Use with the following O.S. brushless ESCs; OCA-260 60Amp ESC, OCA-280 80Amp ESC