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Badger - Aluminium Oxide Abrasive

Manufacturer: Badger Airbrush Co. Product Code: 50-260

50-260 Aluminium oxide abrasive
12oz bottle


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This is a 12 Ounce Bottle of Aluminum Oxide Abrasive by Badger.

FEATURES: Specially ground to a 220 grit. When used with the Model 260 Hobby Abrasive Gun, it creates an endless variety of effects in glass etching, or cuts monograms in wood or metal. Prep wood, metal and plastic surfaces and curves, hard to reach areas for refinishers. Realistic weathering effects can also be achieved. Aluminum Oxide tends to breakdown quicker in size and is less abrasive to the surface. Aluminum Oxide develops a "Working Mix" of grit sizes which optimizes the number of abrasive impacts on a surface--this translates to a much faster cleaning rate. For coarse grinding.

INCLUDES: One 12oz Aluminum Oxide Abrasive

REQUIRES: Hobby Abrasive Gun Goggles Gloves Face Mask Well Ventilated Area Adult Supervision

SPECS: Net Weight: 12oz

COMMENTS: Inhalation of airborne abrasive may cause serious lung damage