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Badger - Mini Sandblaster Abrasive Spray Gun

Manufacturer: Badger Airbrush Co. Product Code: 260-1

Mini sandblaster abrasive spray gun

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The 260(R) Hobby Abrasive Gun creates an endless variety of effects in glass etching, or cuts monograms in wood or metal. The 260(R)can also prep wood, plastic, and metal surfaces and curved, hard to reach areas for refinishing. Realistic weathering effects are easily achieved using this gun. The Model 260(R) will handle 220 grit, or finer abrasive materials.


The 260(R) is made of high-impact delrin and precision metal parts. The tip is hardened steel.

Badger's Aluminum Oxide Abrasive is specially ground to a 220 grit for use with the 260 Abrasive Gun. Available in 12oz. (340g) and 5lb. (2.27kg) jars.