MA - Propeller Balance Stand image

MA - Propeller Balance Stand

Manufacturer: Master Airscrew Product Code: MA60422

MA60422 Propeller balance stand


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Propeller Balance Stand

Using very low friction bearings, this stand is able to balance even the heaviest of blades.

Length : 120mm
Width : 85mm
Height : 150mm
Balance almost any size propeller.

The Master Airscrew balancer is an innovative way to balance your aircraft or boat propellers, spinner backplates, car wheels and tires, as well as many other items in the hobby industry. I use one of these myself for all my props and they do a fantastic job and as the blurb states they are very sensitive and accurate.

Precision balancing shaft
Precision-Machined Rotating Wheels to Assure Perfect Balance Easily
One Master Airscrew Prop Balancer Stand
Assembly of Balancer.
Inexpensive and easy to use...essential for every modeler.
Reduces prop vibration-reducing engine wear and prevents structural damage
Can be used anywhere-on the workbench or at the field
Can also be used to balance boat props, car wheels and tires, ducted fans, spinners, nose weights and more!

COMMENTS: Balancer is "VERY" sensitive, VERY accurate.