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Great Planes - Easy-Touch Contour Multi-Sander

Manufacturer: Great Planes Product Code: R6190

GPMR6190 - Easy-Touch Contour Multi-Sander


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This is the GREAT PLANES EASY TOUCH COUNTOUR SANDER, it has three pre-shapedsanding surfaces built into it. Sand paper is fit into the different contoursto give some of the most common control surface shapes, this helps the builderkeep the sanded surface consistant along the entire length of the wing.

FEATURES: A large gripping surface for the whole hand to help eliminate fatigue Constructed of .055" aluminum One thick leading edge countour .95" One thinner or trailing edge countour .38" One "V" shaped contour 1" (tip to tip) x .35" tall

INCLUDES: One countoured sander

REQUIRES: Self sticking sandpaper --80-grit --180-grit --150-grit --220-grit

SPECS: Length 11" x Height 1.25"

COMMENTS: This sander is NOT for a flat sanding area.