Kyosho Car Combo Package V2

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KP 82143

Kyosho car combo package V2 includes radio set, servo, ESC & motor


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Includes all items needed Great value all-in-one set

The EP Starter Pack is a great value bundle containing all the items needed to get an unassembled EP R/C car kit on the road. If you are new to R/C cars, this starter pack saves you from having to separately buy all the additional items you will need. The included ESC, motor and servo combine to deliver powerful driving and steering performance in response from the included 2.4GHz transmitter, which can be used to control multiple other models with its automatic frequency band control. This all-in-one set only requires batteries for the chassis and 4 x AA size alkaline batteries for the transmitter to start running! The EP Starter Pack can make your first R/C experience as easy and enjoyable, at a great value price.

[Transmitter/KT-231P+] – The 3-Channel transmitter operates on 2.4GHz and requires no frequency band control. Non-stepped (continuous) adjustment provides precision setting of ‘Throttle Trim’ to ensure the car doesn’t move unnecessarily, ‘Steering Trim’ to adjust the car’s straight line running, ‘Throttle Endpoint Adjust’ to set the amount of movement on forward and brake input and ‘Steering D/R Adjuster’ to adjust the steering control angle. Requires 4 x AA size alkaline batteries.

[Receiver/ KR-331] -- 2.4GHz receiver works in combination with the KT-231P+ 3-Channel transmitter. Compact size (36mm x 26.2mm x 12.8mm, 8g) allows the receiver to fit onto a chassis with limited space. Separate power supply is not required as the receiver’s 4.8-6V requirement is powered by the same battery as the motor.

The KS4081-06W Servo controls the steering through the front wheels. This waterproof servo delivers fast response speed from the transmitter control signal for sharp steering characteristics, and holds its line under feedback from the road surface. (Speed : 0.15sec/60°, Torque : 6.0kg・cm).

Large 60A capacity KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE ESC. 3 operation modes can be selected, Forward/Brake/Backward (initial setting), Forward/Brake and Forward/Backward. The battery can be applied both Ni-MH/Li-Po.

Powerful but easy to handle 540 type G20 (20T) motor. Leads are already crimped with bullet terminals so soldering is not required and connection with ESC can be made.

Includes battery conversion connector that connects standard connector (T connector). (Battery connector for ESC is super plug type)