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Tamiya - Clear Epoxy 150g

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 87136

87136 clear epoxy 150g

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87136 clear epoxy 150g

Specs and Features:

  • The epoxy resin ideally suited to reproduce the "water", such as the layout of the model railway works and the scene of the scale model, transparency is difficult to yellowing high .
  • Mixed in a ratio of 2:1 base compound and curing agent, completely cured in about 24 hours. It is easy to inject, such as low viscosity type.
  • Also can be useful accessories such as a work of transparent jelly material Suites decoration, candy, such as juice, such as pendant or brooch.
  • Can also be mixed with colored enamel paint color Tamiya. Easy-to-use bottle with a nozzle specification.
  • Stir bar was also set.