Dubro - 2-56 Safety Lock Kwik Link  image

Dubro - 2-56 Safety Lock Kwik Link

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-815

815 2-56 Safety lock kwik link

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These are 2-56 Safety Lock Kwik-Link Clevis' from Dubro. Used on model aircraft for connecting control rods to control surfaces.
FEATURES: Self tapping design leaves no slop on the pushrod threads. Square nylon shank for easy installation and adjustment. 10% lighter than a steel clevis. Brass plated stepped steel pin does not bind on control horns and has a large flat head for easy removal. Brass plated steel safety lock slides into a groove on the pin for a secure and solid lock. Safety lock is mounted in a track system on the clevis body to help prevent it from being lost.
INCLUDES: Two 2-56 Safety Lock Kwik-Link Clevis'
REQUIRES: 2-56 Pushrods of modeler's choice Installing clevis' onto pushrods
SPECS: Length: 1-1/8" Width: 5/16" Shank Width: 3/16"