Dubro - 1/2 A Steerable Nose Gear image

Dubro - 1/2 A Steerable Nose Gear

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-234

234 1/2 A Steerable Nose Gear

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This is the Dubro 1/2A steerable nose gear.
Wire landing gear that may be bent to any length.
FEATURES: Steel wire
Nylon Mount
INCLUDES: One wire gear.
One nylon mount.
One control arm
One collet
One collet set screw
Four 2x12mm slotted head mounting screws.
REQUIRES: Assembly onto aircraft.
SPECS: Overall length of wire: 115.5mm (4.547")
Length after spring: 84.0mm (3.307")
Diamter of wire: 2.3mm (0.091")