Dumas - US Navy PT-109 Patrol Boat Kit image

Dumas - US Navy PT-109 Patrol Boat Kit

Manufacturer: Dumas Product Code: DUM 1233

1233 US Navy PT-109 Patrol boat kit

From Supplier - Ships in 4-8 Business Days

This is the 33" US Navy PT-109 Boat from Dumas. This Kit is Designed for Static Display or Remote Control Use.

FEATURES: Over 50 cast-metal fitting parts Mahogany and plywood material Detailed plans and instructions

INCLUDES: All necessary wood Lettering, number, and logo decals Instructions and plans

REQUIRES: FOR STATIC DISPLAY: Paint Micro Balloon, Fiberglass Cloth
FOR RADIO CONTROL USE: 2 channel radio 6V electric motor, Running Hardware kit, 6-cell battery Battery Charger Speed Control, Dumas Antenna, Kwik switch mount Paint Micro balloon, Fiberglass cloth Field and building equipment

SPECS: Length: 33" Beam: 9" Scale: 1:30

COMMENTS: This kit a Level 2 kit designed for Intermediate builders