Tamiya - CR-Tuned Motor - 35T image

Tamiya - CR-Tuned Motor - 35T

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 54114

CR-Tuned Motor - 35T
54114 - 35T for rock crawlers


Available - Ships in 2-5 Business Days

CR-Tuned Motor - 35T

When rock crawling, it is very important to have a motor that provides the appropriateamount of torque required, to give you more control over the vehicle. Tamiya is releasingthe CR-Tuned Motor (35T) to meet the needs of all Rock Crawlers.


About the Model


  • CR-Tuned Motor (35T) x 1
  • Can be used with every CR-01 chassis vehicle.
  • Can also be used with big tire trucks, touring cars, and M-chassis vehicles (Great forbeginners)