Saito - FA-182TD 4 Stroke Twin Engine

Manufacturer: Saito Product Code: SAITO182TD

FA-182TD 4 Stroke Twin Engine


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The Saito FA-182TD Four-Stroke Engine utilizes a single throw crank shaft, like all full sized radial engines. Because of this design, the engine is simple in construction, lightweight, and highly efficient.

The dual-plug system offers excellent performance for idling. The front-rear plug arrangement further improves combustion characteristics.

CYLINDER – Hard chrome plated for better cool running and lightweight
PISTON – High silicon content aluminium
CRANKSHAFT – Twin ball bearing supported
CYLINDER HEAD – Hemispherical for increased power
CAM GEAR – Forward placed twin cams for light weight
VALVES – Large diameter for power and efficiency
CARBURETOR – Twin carburetor


Bore: 28.2mm x 2
Stroke:  24.0mm x 2 
Practical Rev.:  2,000~10,000 rpm 
Fuel Flow:

Full throttle / 1 minute 

Approx.60cc fuel

10% Nitro 

Weight:   1040 grams approx.