Saito - FA-200R3 4 Stroke Engine image

Saito - FA-200R3 4 Stroke Engine

Manufacturer: Saito Product Code: SAITO200R3

FA-200R3 4 Stroke Engine

Overseas Supplier - Ships within 4 weeks


  • 20% more displacement than the FA-170 R3, resulting in 20% more power.
  • Same mounting dimensions as the FA-170 R3, so there is no need to customize the plane.
  • Complete with a 3-piece flex exhaust system for an all-inclusive purchase.


Saito's latest radial engine is designed for use with 120 size scale and sports aircraft.

The FA-200R3 is an upgrade from the FA-170R3, featuring 20% larger displacement and 20% more power all at a lighter weight - resulting in a high power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the FA-200R3 comes with a 3-piece flex exhaust system, making this an all-inclusive purchase for the customer.


  • Bore: ΓΈ27.0mm x 3
  • Stroke: 19.2mm x 3
  • Stroke Volume: 32.98cc
  • Weight: Approx 1,440g (w/Muffler)
  • Practical Speed: Approx 1,800 ~ 9,500rpm(Recommended highest speed on ground: 8,000 ~ 9,000rpm
  • Recommended Prop: 16 x 8in ~ 16 x 10in or 17 x 6in ~ 17 x 8in
  • Fuel Flow: Synthetic oil (Above 20%) with 15~20% nitromethane content
  • Fuel: Approx 46cc/minute (at full throttle, approx 9,000rpm)
  • Fuel flow varies depends upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel flow withsmaller load. (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases.)
  • Static Thrust: APC 16 x 8in - 6.3Kg (9,000rpm)