O.S - GT15 Gasoline Engine With Silencer image

O.S - GT15 Gasoline Engine With Silencer

Manufacturer: O.S Engines Product Code: 38160

38160 GT15 Gasoline Engine With Silencer

Special Order - PLEASE ENQUIRE

 O.S. has been adding new engines to the gasoline engine line with the concept to offer the advantages of gasoline engines to more & more modelers.

The new addition is the GT15, the smallest size to the line. The displacement is 15cc and will fit in the widely available models designed for 2 stroke 61 size / 4 stroke 91 size engines. Very compact O.S. original pump and carburetor are employed for easier installation and handling.

  • Newly designed compact caburetor (with regulator) expressly for gasoline, the 61H and the PD-08 pump are equipped.
  • Compact IG-06 ignition module is employed
  • Special shell type roller bearing is installed at the connecting rod big end. this enables the engine to run on 50:1 gasoline mixture.
  • Since the mounting bolt pattern is the same as the 65AX, ie 52 x 25. It can be easily installed in most of the existing 2 stroke 61 / 4 stroke 91 size engines. (minor modification to the mount is required)


  • Displacement - 14.95cc
  • Bore - 27.7mm
  • Stroke - 24.8mm
  • Practical RPM - 2000 - 12000
  • Power output - 2.4ps/15000rpm
  • Weight - 631g(engine) 178g (silencer) 95g (ignition module)

Includes: engine, E-4040 muffler, IG-06 ignition module, spark plug
Requires: gasoline/oil mixture
Suggested Props: 12x10, 13x10, 13x11, 14x10, 15x8, 15x10
Gasoline/Oil Mix: 50:1