O.S - MAX-21TM (REVO) W/11K-R Carb image

O.S - MAX-21TM (REVO) W/11K-R Carb

Manufacturer: O.S Engines Product Code: 12241M

12241 MAX-21TM (REVO) W/11K-R Carb Car Engine

Special Order - PLEASE ENQUIRE

This is the O.S. Max 21TM Engine with the Revo Manifold. This Engine is a direct fit for the Traxxas Revo 2.5 and Revo 3.3.


  • Adapts perfectly to the Traxxas E-Z Start or pull-start systems with no modifications
  • Included manifold is specially designed to fit directly onto the Traxxas Revo
  • Traxxas' clutch assembly bolts right to the crankshaft with no modifications
  • Oversized cooling fins on crankcase helps to keep engine cooler
  • Three needle slide valve carburetor with fins to help cool the fuel as it enters the engine
  • High-performance long reach O.S. LC3 glow plug suitable for off-road applications that require constantly varying speed
  • Two year limited warranty through the manufacturer

This engine is a direct fit for the Traxxas Revo and adapts to the Traxxas E-Z Start or pull system without any requires modifications or upgrades. This engine retrofits into the same mounting pattern, and the Traxxas clutch assembly bolts right on.

Includes: One O.S. Max 21TM Engine with Revo Manifold, LC3 glow plug, 11K slide valve carburetor, manifold spring, rubber exhaust gasket, sticker sheet and instruction manual

Installing in vehicle
Air filter