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Dubro - Medium Tube/Filter/Clip Set

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-680

680 Medium tube/filter/clip set


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This is a fuel line / fuel filter pack for glo-fuel engines using mediumsized fuel line (3/32").
FEATURES: Fuel tubing is an off-white opaque colored Neoprene Fuel filter is an aluminum filter with a 130 micron mesh filter screen
SPECS: Diameter of fuel tubing: 3/32" Length of fuel tubing: 3' (36") Length of fuel filter: 1 1/8" Inside diameter of fuel clips: 3/32"
INCLUDES: (1) Aluminum fuel filter (1) 3' of 3/32" Neoprene fuel tubing (4) 3/32" inside diameter fuel line clips