Futaba - S.Bus Optical RPM Sensor 18MZ/14SG image

Futaba - S.Bus Optical RPM Sensor 18MZ/14SG

Manufacturer: Futaba Product Code: SBS-01RO

SBS-01RO S.Bus Optical RPM Sensor 18MZ/14SG

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                 This is the Futaba RPM Sensor (Optical type)                        For Futaba telemetry systems

FEATURES: This sensor, when used in conjunction with a telemetry-enabled radio system, is used to indicate the rotation speed of a propeller, rotor, or other component. Nothing needs to be attached to the component since the sensor uses available light reflected off that component.

INCLUDES: One RPM sensor with attached cable One plastic mounting bracket Two pieces of double-sided foam tape One instruction sheet One warranty sheet

REQUIRES: Connection to S.BUS 2 system

SPECS: Weight: 4.9g (0.173oz) Voltage: 3.7 to 7.4 VDC Range: 360 to 300,000 RPM/Fin(s) Sensor, length, overall: 6-1/4" (160mm) width: 28mm (1-1/8") height: 13mm (1/2") Mounting bracket, length: 34mm (1-3/8") width: 26mm (1") height: 12mm (1/2") Foam tape, length: 22mm (7/8") width: 22mm (7/8") thickness: 1.3mm (1/8")

COMMENTS: This sensor will only work with S.BUS 2-compatible devices.

Helicopters: Because of the large rotor diameter, use of this sensor on a helicopter is not recommended. A magnetic sensor, such as the Futaba Magnetic RPM Sensor 18MZ is suggested.

Brightness: Adequate light is needed for this sensor to operate properly. Conditions such as dusk, dawn, clouds, indoor operation, poor angle-of-reflection off of propellor or fin, etc., will result in a measurement of 0 RPM.

Installation: It is recommended that the sensor be mounted at or less than 150mm (6") from the object whose rotation speed is being measured. The closer to the object the sensor is mounted, the more reliable the measurements will be.

Set-up: The default slot number for this device is 2. Information on changing the slot number can be found in the transmitter manual. This device also has a default S.BUS 2 ID number which will need to be changed if more than one SBS-01RO sensor is attached to the same S.BUS network. The default ID number can be found on the side of the unit.

Number of blades/fins: The number of blades on the object whose RPM is being measured is two. If the object has more blades or fins, please consult your transmitter manual for information on changing this number.

This sensor can be used with 18MZA 18Ch 2.4GHz Radio System M2 Air 18MZA 18Ch 2.4GHz Radio System M2 Heli Futaba R7008SB 2.4GHz FASSTest Receiver 18MZ 14SG