Dubro - Remote Safety Ignitor - Recessed image

Dubro - Remote Safety Ignitor - Recessed

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-794

794 Remote safety ignitor recessed

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This is a Remote Safety Ignitor (Remote Glow Ignitor) for In-Cowl Engines. This provides an external glow driver socket that is wired directly to the actual glow plug and grounded to one engine head bolt.
FEATURES: Designed to clip onto glow plugs that are recessed far down into the cylinder heads. Can be used on any single cylinder engine. For use with any car, helicopter, plane or boat where the glow plug is in a hard to reach spot or is close to a propellor. Dust cover is attached with a pin and rotates left or right, opening so glow driver can be inserted into the recessed socket. Ignitor socket is made of black plastic.
INCLUDES: One Pre-Assembled Recessed Remote Safety Ignitor with Attached Dust Cover
REQUIRES: Cutting a hole to mount external socket. Cementing the housing in the hole using CA or epoxy glue.
SPECS: Mounting Hole For External Socket: 11/16" Wire Length: 23-1/2"
COMMENTS: Difference between standard and recessed ignitors: "remote safety ignitor" glow plug wire has a loop with another wire crossing through it. Looks kind of like this: @ "remote safety ignitor for recessed glo-plugs" glow plug wire has two wires in a opposing V shape. Looks kind of like this: ><