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Dubro - Remote Safety Ignitor

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-793

793 Remote safety ignitor

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This is a Remote Safety Ignitor (Remote Glow Ignitor) for In-Cowl Engines. This provides an external glow driver socket that is wired directly to the actual glow plug and grounded to one engine head bolt.
FEATURES: Can be used on any single cylinder engine. For use with any car, helicopter, plane or boat where the glow plug is in a hard to reach spot or is close to a propellor. Dust cover is attached with a pin and rotates left or right, opening so glow driver can be inserted into the recessed socket. Ignitor socket is made of black plastic.
INCLUDES: One Pre-Assembled Remote Safety Ignitor with Attached Dust Cover
REQUIRES: Cutting a hole to mount external socket. Cementing the housing in the hole using CA or epoxy glue.
SPECS: Mounting Hole For External Socket: 11/16" Wire Length: 23-1/2"
COMMENTS: Difference between standard and recessed ignitors: "remote safety ignitor" glow plug wire has a loop with another wire crossing through it. Looks kind of like this: @ "remote safety ignitor for recessed glo-plugs" glow plug wire has two wires in a opposing V shape. Looks kind of like this: ><