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Tamiya - Mechanical Fish

Manufacturer: Tamiya Product Code: 71125

71125 mechanical fish

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Newto the popular Robocraft Series is the Mechanical Fish. The movement ofthe crank arm is translated into the tail's left and right movementallowing it to swim. As opposed to the previously released blowfish(Item 71114), which had its body above the water, the upper half ofthis item acts as a float and allows the dorsal fin to be exposed tothe surface with the rest of the fish totally submerged as it swims.

Relaxed Swimming Action

Thisfish robot swings its tail from side to side while swimming along. Themain body stays underwater while the dorsal fin protrudes when itswims. The Submarine Motor Mini and Underwater Gearbox move the tailvia a crank and linkage rod mechanism. The main body, fins, and foamfloat are all conveniently included in this easy to assemble set.Tamiya and mechanical fish logos as well as two kinds of eye stickersare included.

Enjoy the Action!

Thefish robot can swim not only in straight lines but also in circles bychanging the angle of the tail fin. To change the angle, simply liftthe tail fin then reposition to the right (clockwise swimming) or left(counter clockwise swimming). Slightly or greatly adjust the tail finangle for the fish to swim in large or small circles. Furthermore, theswimming posture of the fish can also be adjusted by changing pectoralfin position.

Specs & Features


  • By changing the angle of the tail you enjoy watching your fish swim in circles.
  • It is possible to change the angle of the lower body fins.
  • The upper float has a plastic case with styrene foam.
  • No cement required for assembly.
  • Length: 184mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Body: Polypropylene
  • Includes Underwater Gearbox Set
  • Submarine Motor Mini (High-Speed Type) has two o-rings to prevent water from coming into the motor case.
  • Requires one AAA battery (sold separately).
  • One alkaline battery will operate the model approximately 4 hours.