Kyosho - Calmato Sports 60 EP/GP ARF Kit

Manufacturer: Kyosho Product Code: KYO 11238RC

11238 Calmato Sports 60 EP/GP ARF Kit - Red

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  • total length 1600mm
  • full width 1800mm
  • gross weight EP / about 3900g GP / about 3700g
  • motor 800 ~ 1200W class back plate fixed out runner brushless (sold separately)
  • engine two-stroke 60-65 class (sold separately)
  • Battery 14.8V-5000mAh Li-Po (sold separately)
  • wing area 60.6dm2
  • wing loading about 61 ~ 64.3g / dm2
  • airfoil original quasi-symmetry
  • propeller D12 x P6 ~ D14 x P8 (sold separately)


  • storability of 20 class average Even though 60 class division fuselage-wing / removable horizontal stabilizer.
  • EP, compatible design that also corresponds to the GP either of the power source. Most
  • has been factory finished, unnecessary and finished adhesive.
  • vertical fin, servo bed, aileron, rudder, already installed the elevator.
  • lightweight finish by structure of balsa subject, can be clear of flight.
  • Adopt a structure for mounting the aileron servo to the left and right wing. Depending on the mixing propoxycarbonyl Settings, flap or flaperon, can also operate as a Supoiron.
  • Equipped with a nose gear to control in the steering dedicated servo.
  • EP & GP mount, pre-assembled 430cc fuel tank, linkage parts set, it comes with a lightweight sponge tire other.



    (Required for flight)
  • propoxycarbonyl / companies more airplane for 4ch 5 servo + ESC (EP), 6 servo (GP)
  • Motor / 800 ~ 1200W class back plate fixed out runner brushless
  • engine / 2 cycle 60 ~ 65
  • propeller / D12 x P6 ~ D14 x P8 (EP), D12 x P6 ~ P8 (GP)
  • 100mm extension Y-code x 2 this, 300mm extension cord x 2 this (for the aileron servo) / 500mm extension cord 2 x (ladder and elevator servo) /
  • at 14.8V-5000mAh Li-Po battery (EP)
  • charger balancer (EP)
  • fuel and start-up tool (GP)
  • ESC to be used propoxycarbonyl battery (EP even necessary) for the receiver if you do not use the BEC power
  • 52 ~ 70mm spinner
  • ※ EP recommended the power unit set: No.66801 TEAM ORION avionics flight pack for 50 planes (motor, ESC, a set of propeller) /No.90420-52 nylon spinner (52mm) /No.1-S23025 H3x25mm cap bis (for spinner)