VQ Model - Marchetti Siai SF-260 EP/GP 60 Size ARF USAF

Manufacturer: VQ Model Product Code: VQA143US

Siai Marchetti SF-260 EP/GP 60 Size ARF USAF Version

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The SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 (now Leonardo SF-260) is an Italian light aircraft which has been commonly marketed as a military trainer and aerobatics aircraft.

The SF-260 was designed by Italian aircraft designer Stelio Frati, while production work originally performed by Milan-based aviation manufacturer Aviamilano. On 15 July 1964, the first prototype performed its maiden flight (then designated SF-260). Shortly thereafter, responsibility for production was transferred to SIAI Marchetti, who had purchased the rights to the design; manufacturing continued to be performed by this firm until the company was bought by Aermacchi in 1997.

Now , VQ Introduces the SIAI Marchetti SF-260 60 size EP-GP as a super scale series (3S) . This model comes with 2 scale flap, 1 x Plastic pilot seat, antena ...

With the big battery hatch  you can use both Electric motor or Nitro engine. It make this Marchetti SF-260 becomes one of the best Balsa scale 60 size in the market. 


- Fully covered in weathered detail
- All balsa and lite-ply construction
- Fiberglass cowling
- Painted Canopy
- Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
- Plastic pilot seat

- Wingspan: 1640mm
- Fuse Length: 1200mm
- Weight: 3.9 kg - 4.2 kg
- Glow Engine: .60 - .65 (2 stroke) / .70 - .90 (4 stroke)
- Electric Motor: Boost 60 - 800watt
- Battery: Lipo 14,8V 5000 mAh
- Radio req.: 7 channels with 7 servos.
 All standard servos
 (2x Aileron, 2x Flap, 1x Elevator,
  1x Rudder , 1x Throttle )

- Nose gear assembly.
- Wheels.
- Engine mounts.
- Fuel tank.
- Fiberglass cowling.
- Spinner.
- Ply wood wing joiner
- Decals and all hardware.
- Assembly instruction with stage photos