Dubro - 4" Dia/Large Scale Treaded Wheel image

Dubro - 4" Dia/Large Scale Treaded Wheel

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-400TV

400TV 4" Dia/Large Scale Treaded Wheel

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Dubro's Large Treaded Wheels are Narrower in Width to fit Inside Wheel Pants and Retracts Easier.
FEATURES: These are Inflatable wheels. The Wheels feature a large Daimeter nylon Hub for Greater Strength. and Wheel Support for Larger Airplanes. They come with Positive Seal Air Valves.
INCLUDES: ONE ONLY 4" Large Scale Treaded Wheel Inflator Valve (With the exception of 3.75TV)
SPECS: Diameter" 4" Width: 1 1/8"
COMMENTS: These wheels come with 3/16" Axle Diameter and can be Drilled Out to 1/4" if Desired.