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Dubro - Kwik Grip E-Z Connector

Manufacturer: Dubro Product Code: 10-608

608 Kwik Grip e-z connector

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This is a Kwik Grip E/Z Connector set by Dubro. EZ Connectors link a pushrod to a servo arm allowing it to pivot for less bind in control surfaces.
FEATURES: Works on 2-56 and smaller wire (.078") Permanent or snap on mounting push nuts both included.
INCLUDES: Two brass EZ Connectors Two plastic snap nuts. Two metal snap nuts. Two 2.5x3.5mm slotted head screws.
REQUIRES: Assembly onto linkages Kwik grip E/Z connector wrench.
SPECS: Length of brass connector: 10mm (.395") Diameter of brass connector: 5.5mm (.217")
COMMENTS: These differ from the standard E/Z connectors in that they have a hex shape for easy tightening. Use in conjunction with