RCNZ Cellmeter V2 Digital Battery Checker Meter image

RCNZ Cellmeter V2 Digital Battery Checker Meter

Manufacturer: RCNZ Product Code: RC-CMDBC

Cellmeter V2 Digital Battery Checker Meter

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Cellmeter-7 v2 is a simple, fast and brilliant way to check battery voltage, and most importantly, help you determine the condition of your packs within seconds!  This Cellmeter comes with balance function, it take the battery voltage in the lowest section as the benchmark to discharge for balance.

Item number: CellMeter 7 V2
Item name: Digital Battery Capacity Checker Voltage Meter
Cell number: NiCd/NIMH (4-7 Cells), Lithium type (2-7 Cells)
Battery Type: NiCd/NIMH, Li-Po, LiFe, Li-Ion
Color: Black
Shell material: durable hard plastic
Item size: 84x50x15mm
Package weight: 63g

Instructions for use:
1. Press TYPE key to select LIPO (lithium polymer battery), LIFE (lithium ion battery), LI-ION (Lithium Ion Battery) three kinds of lithium batteries
2. Press the button to turn the display every piece CELL battery voltage and remaining battery
3. Press the MODE button displays battery voltage, single voltage, and single highest voltage, and low voltage chip, chip voltage difference between the highest and lowest shows the total number of pieces 4S-7S nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries and the total voltage. 

Package Included:
1 x Digital battery capacity checker 
1 x Manual