Billing - 1/75 Norske Love Kit (Expert Build) image

Billing - 1/75 Norske Love Kit (Expert Build)

Manufacturer: Billing Boats Product Code: BIL 01-00-0437

437 Billing 1/75 Norske Love kit (Expert build)

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A three-masted warship launched in 1765. Length 48.93 m, breadth 9.70 m, draught 5.07 m, displacement 1,076 tons, with a crew of 402. The Norske Love was originally named after the Norwegian/Danish coat-of-arms, and was renamed the Oresund in 1772. The vessel was used as a guard boat in the Oresund and other coastal waters around Denmark. The ship was deleted from the naval register in 1798.

Length: 1010mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 900mm
Scale: 1:75