Dumas - Dauntless 49.5" Boat Kit image

Dumas - Dauntless 49.5" Boat Kit

Manufacturer: Dumas Product Code: DUM 1211

1211 Dauntless 49.5" boat kit

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This is the Dumas Dauntless 49.5" Commuter Boat. Dumas states that you Can Make this Boat Either Electric or Gas Powered.

FEATURES: Plywood construction Die-cut pieces Highly detailed deck hardware Molded plastic pieces 3/4 "-1" scale appearance Gas or electric R/C powered (up to the modeler)

INCLUDES: All the wood parts required for assembly, plastic parts, decking hardware, brass rods, fully detailed instructions, and plans.

REQUIRES: 14x50 flat building board, soldering iron, hobby knife, hobby saw, hammer, drafting triangle, drills, 2 ounce fiberglass cloth, epoxy, CA, polyester finishing resin, microballoons, sandpaper, paints, Dumas hardware kit #2332. SEE COMMENTS FOR POWER PLANTS AND PROPS.

SPECS: LENGTH: 49 1/2 " Width 14" Scale 3/4 "-1"

COMMENTS: Power Props Speed Single 6V or 12V motor 3114-3115 3-4 mph per shaft direct drive (L & RH 3 bld) 2 6V or 12V motors 3112-3113 5-7 mph per shaft (no reduction) (L & RH 3 bld) .19-.25 glow engine 3105-2 bld 9-15 mph 3117-3 bld .29-.40 glow engine 3115-1-3/4" 3 bld 15-20 mph 3113-2" 3 bld